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(Prices are as per ChampSys plus a little for admin/postage costs - GMBC makes no profit on club kit)

We have our online Shop up and running for the 2015 Club Kit Winter Order.

You order online and pay with a credit card. Once the order closes it takes 6 weeks for champion-sys to make the kit.
They then put your kit in a plastic bag with your name and email on it and ship all the GMBC club kit orders to me.
I then post out your kit to you when it arrives 

Online Shop Opens Monday June 1st, 2015

Online Shop Closes June 15th.
Kit Delivery Date July 27th.

use password gmbc and gmbc to access shop then set up your own password and account. Follow link below to access the shop.

If you miss this order the shop will reopen Sept first for a spring summer order.

How to order.
Step 1. Go here:
Step 2. click on CS direct log in (Top Right Hand Corner)
Step 3. Log in by creating a temporary account. use gmbc for the email and also use gmbc as the password.
Step 4 Now that you are into the site set up your own account and order your kit as you would on any online shop.

What to buy?
Club members purchase a jersey and most get a pair of matching bib shorts
A good option is to buy a Jersey, Bib Short and some Arm Warmers. There are many other garments to choose from including jackets, hats, long sleeve jerseys and bib tights. If there is a garment you want that is not in the shop please contact Champs and they will make it. for you.

There are 12 different jerseys to choose from so here are my 2 recommendations.

Short sleeve Jersey. CS tech is short sleeve @ $67.50, most members buy this jersey. you can add reflective piping to it or a reflective rear pocket for an additional charge (CS VIVID).
Short sleeve Jersey CS Razor Light short $94.50 this jersey has a few more panels and has a slightly better quality fabric.

More info about all the other jerseys are linked below but the two above are the most common. 70% of club members purchase the CS Tech and are happy with it

Size Chart:


Jersey size
The jerseys come in XX small, small, med, large, XL etc and also they have two cuts. CLUB Cut for normal sized riders and RACE cut for the super skinny riders . If you are tall and skinny get RACE cut

Bib Shorts
CS BIB Shorts are $108.90
Razor BIB shorts are $126 the Razor bib shorts have more panels and an elastic thigh gripper (these shorts can be a bit too short in the thigh, make sure you choose the longer leg option if you are slightly skinny have long legs or are tall)
Chamois option.choose the thicker option. When choosing you bib shorts choose the CS GranFondo Pad 
Also most riders get their shorts longer in the leg. If you are slightly skinny have long legs or are tall) get your leg length longer
I wear the CS BIB shorts and find them comfortable enough some riders prefer the Razor Bibs.

There is a choice between Lycra lite and Lycra Fleece warmers. I recommend these warmers. The quality of the fleece and the grippers are brilliant around the thigh.

Hats for winter I think the best hat is the winter peaked cap with fleece ear warmers again it great quality and really warm


The wind guard vest is Nylon Fabric. It is very light and has mesh at the back. for 2015 it is greatly improved. there is a medium vest which has nylon on the chest and jersey fabric on the back and its great and i prefer the tech Windshield vest which is heavier warmer but much bulkier .

If you want to try kit on ChampSys have a show room in St.Kilda.

Thanks Crew. Enjoy.


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OTHER CLUB GEAR - Email the club via the Contacts page or ask Tania at an event. 

Club T-shirts - free for new members, or $20 each
sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Club Hoodies - $50 each
sizes: S, M, L & XL

SOCKS - $15 pair



Only $40.
Jerseys will be available for purchase at Dirt Squirts rides.